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Are Dental Implants

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Dental implants are one of the most frequently preferred options by dentists to replace missing teeth. The fact that implants look like your natural teeth, easy to maintain, and that they can be used for a long time are the factors that ensure their priority in dental treatments. One of the questions, perhaps the first question, that is asked by our patients before starting the treatment process is: 'Are dental implants painful?'. For this reason, we will try to answer your question by shaping the main theme of our article within the framework of this subject.

First of all, we should state that you will be under local anaesthesia during implant treatment. We do not start the process until the application area is completely anaesthetized. After the area is completely anaesthetized, incisions can be made to reach your jawbone and when the area becomes accessible, a hole is made for the dental implant.

Local anaesthesia, the necessary incision, drilling and placement of your implants takes around 30 minutes in our clinic. Although these procedures during dental implant treatment may sound painful, we would like to state that your jawbone does not have nerves that will feel pain. There will be a more pressure-like feeling in this area. In addition, dental implants are not painful because you will be under the influence of local anaesthesia. Patients who receive this treatment are in the opinion that the applications during the treatment are never painful towards the question 'Are dental implants painful?'.

Are Dental Implants Painful?
What are the different types of dental implants?

Titanium used in implant production is a metal that is extremely compatible with the human body. There are two main types of implants. These are endosteal implants, which are in the form of small screws that we insert into the jawbone and that are widely used, and subperiostal implants that are placed under the gingiva, above the jaw bone and that we can use for our patients who do not have a healthy jawbone. Dental implant practices in Turkey are carried out with a great success rate. When you, our esteemed patients, receive your implant treatments in our dental clinic in Antalya, you will be informed by our experts following your checks about the implant type and applications you need.

When do dental implants heal?

It is quite normal to think about 'when dental implants will heal?' before implant applications. No one would like to receive treatment that could affect their daily life, social activities or work life for a long period of time. However, the healing of dental implants is mostly not an uncomfortable process. There may be mild pain and swelling with the dissipation of the anaesthetic effect after the application. We consider 10 days or two weeks as normal for these cases. You can reduce these mild pains by eating in accordance with the diet we will offer you and using your painkillers within this process. If you mean the fusion of the implant with your bone by asking 'when dental implants heal?', it may take up to four months or a little longer.

How to reduce pain after dental implants?

After the application, it is possible to feel a slight pain with the dissipation of the local anaesthetic effect. We recommend that you apply to our clinic if your pain increases or lasts longer than the prescribed time. If you wonder 'how to reduce pain after dental implants?' there are several common ways to do this.

After dental implants, you can use the painkillers that we will recommend to you to reduce pain for the prescribed time. We recommend that you avoid hot and spicy foods or the foods that are hard to chew for the first 10 days or 15 days depending on your situation. You should keep the area near your implant clean by gently brushing. By this means, a good oral hygiene will protect you from possible infections.

As Pekel Dental Clinic, we provide service by combining our experience that we have gained over many years with the energy deriving from our amateur spirit. While determining your treatment process, you can contact us and get information about any matters concerning your treatment as well as many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit during your trip.


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