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Do Dental Implants
Affect Speech?

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Many people worldwide need treatment for oral and dental diseases. Dental diseases can progress when they are not treated and can cause tooth loss by affecting your general oral health. This hits your feeding routines first. This can trigger various diseases. In other words, we can say that a missing tooth or a diseased tooth poses a threat not only to your mouth but also to your general health. In addition to all this, no one will want to smile with a missing tooth or a diseased tooth. Dental diseases are situations that negatively affect your social life and require urgent treatment. They can also interfere with your pronunciation by influencing your speech. In the light of this information, let's answer one of the frequently asked questions, 'Do dental implants affect speech?', by mentioning how your natural teeth shape your speech.

What are the effects of teeth on speech?

It can be difficult to fully comprehend the importance of our teeth. We all know the benefits of smiling and eating. Have you ever wondered if our teeth would affect our conversation? Thanks to their nature, your natural teeth help you speak by making certain sounds. In the speaking principle, your teeth, lips and tongue control the air flow out of the mouth together. Thus, we cannot say that all sounds depend on the teeth, but you need teeth to make some sounds. This applies to children as well as adults. However, your child's inability to make some sounds correctly due to a dental disease or tooth loss may cause him to learn some words and their meanings incorrectly. This could pave the way for lifetime of mispronouncing.

Under what circumstances do teeth disrupt speech?

When answering the question 'Do dental implants affect speech?', it is also worth reminding in which situations natural teeth can negatively affect your speech. Your speech and pronunciation may be adversely affected if you experience loss of natural teeth or if you have deformities in your natural dental alignment. In addition, the natural structures of your jawbones can also affect your daily conversations. It is also useful not to forget the social dimension of the work. Bad breath and pain in your mouth problems caused by decay or gingival disease also constitute an obstacle to safe speech. In order to correct the problems in your speech, we can apply filling, canal treatment, prosthesis applications or implant treatments to you in our dental clinic in Antalya. All treatment processes are determined by the conditions of your disease and special cases for you and are carefully applied by our experienced dentists.

Do dental implants affect speech?

In cases of missing teeth, your treatment method will be a serious choice for you. Because the treatment to be determined will affect your basic actions such as nutrition, smile and speech for many years. Although the treatment methods are determined according to the condition of the disease and your needs and demands after the initial examination, we need to say that dental implants will positively affect your speech in general.

Implants are permanent solutions in cases of tooth loss. They replace your permanent teeth by creating a sturdy architectural structure for your mouth. For this reason, the adaptation process of dental implants is quite easy. You do not have to worry about adaptation problems that may affect the sounds of your words. Your implants are planned based on your natural teeth during the planning phase of your treatment process. This will eliminate speech problems that may occur due to adaptation problems, so to speak, before they occur. In addition, dental implants are quite strong in addition to their high stability. This will allow you to behave comfortably in your communication processes by trusting your implants. Turkey, Turkey dental implants and full mouth dental implants abroad may be the perfect choice for your treatments. Implant treatment prices in Turkey are quite low. In addition, all implant treatments are applied with high success rates in our dental clinic in Antalya and you will not experience any speech disorder after your treatment.

As Pekel Oral and Dental Health Clinic, we serve by combining our many years of experience with the energy from our amateur spirit. You can contact us when determining your treatment process and get information about many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit from during your trip as well as all your questions.

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