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How Can I Fix My
Teeth Free of Charge

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Many people are unable to get or postpone to get this service due to the high cost of dental treatments. This may adversely affect your social life as well as your oral health. Of course, nobody wants to smile with missing or decayed teeth. However, the high cost of dental treatments and the fact that insurances often do not cover this kind of treatments are one of main issues that make our patients think about. In this point, many patients try to find a solution on how they can fix their teeth free of charge.

How Can I Fix My Teeth Free of Charge

In the light of all this information, let’s examine the answer of the question “How can I fix my teeth free of charge” and how you can get dental treatment at a more affordable price.


There may be charities in your country that enable you to get your dental treatment free of charge. You may be able to obtain dental treatments, which are very costly for you, free of charge by finding these charities and contacting them. However, we should point out that such a free dental treatment may only be valid if you fulfil the necessary conditions. Some charities in the USA and the UK stipulate prerequisites such as being disabled at a certain percentage, having a title of veteran by serving in the army. In addition, getting a free dental treatment can cause you to be subject to a tiring process for you, considering your inquiry and acceptance processes. Your oral and dental problems may worsen over time, causing a greater cost and effort.

Faculties of dentistry

One of the options that comes to mind when you think about “how can I fix my teeth free of charge” may be the faculties of dentistry operating in the country where you live. As you would appreciate, dentists must have training and experience at an operational level before being entitled to a license. In these faculties, your dental treatments can be performed by dentistry students under the supervision of a specialist. Even if you prefer this option, your dental treatment will be subject to a fee. However, the amount you will pay may be quite low. In addition, please note that being treated only in faculties of dentistry will significantly extend the treatment period. Because the main target here is to increase the time spent by the students during the treatments and enable dentistry students to gain experience.

Dental treatment donations

Despite of long waiting periods for dental treatment donations, taking advantage of them can also be an option to have a free dental treatment. Many communities, the programs of which dentists also participate, give donations and grants to offer people free dental treatments. Donations and grants provided for women suffering from domestic violence by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the USA set an example for this. If you are one of those who think about “How Can I Fix My Teeth Free of Charge”, you can search for donation options in your country.

Dental Insurance

While thinking about “How can I fix my teeth free of charge”, you can also apply to your dental insurance for this procedure. However, it is a fact that most American and British citizens' dental insurances are limited to a certain amount and these limits do not allow to replace healthy treatment processes. For this reason, taking advantage of dental insurance to fix your teeth free of charge is generally not a viable plan.

Some dental clinics

Treatment fee of oral and dental health clinics are calculated by taking into account the expense items such as rent, salary of dentists and healthcare professionals and their average hourly wages, taxes, insurances, and the cost of materials used in dental treatments. So you can look for some dental clinics in your country, even if they are not the best option for you. Such dental clinics may not be the answer to your question “How can I fix my teeth free of charge”. However, they can offer you more affordable prices as they have lower expense items. For example: You can look for newly graduated dentists who want to gain experience in their field or dental clinics operating outside the city.

Dental clinics in foreign countries

In addition to all these options, you can get dental treatments at affordable prices from specialized dentists by speeding up your treatment process. For example, dental clinics in Turkey offer a high-quality dental treatment thanks to their dentists who have experience in their own field and high success rates. In addition, when you prefer our country, all your dental treatments will be much more affordable than the prices in the USA, the UK and other European countries. In this way, you can get a perfect dental treatment and enjoy an unforgettable holiday by exploring a new country and saving a significant amount compared to amounts you will pay for dental treatment in your country. Antalya, where some of the best dental clinic in Turkey are situated, can be a perfect choice for you. The city is also one of the world's leading centres in terms of tourism resources. Therefore, dental clinics in Antalya are worth visiting for your treatment, both in order to get a successful treatment at affordable prices and to turn your treatment into a holiday.

As Pekel Dental Clinic, we provide service by combining our experience that we have gained over many years with the energy deriving from our amateur spirit. While determining your treatment process, you can contact us and get information about any matters concerning your treatment as well as many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit during your trip.


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