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How Do Full Mouth
Dental Implants Work?

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Implant treatments are often preferred by us dentists today, which started to be applied about 50 years ago in your dental deficiency problems. Dental implants are the best alternatives to your natural teeth for many reasons. Before receiving your treatment for full-mouth dental implants in our clinic in Antalya, you may wonder 'How do full-mouth dental implants work?'. The purpose of our article will be to answer your relevant questions in all oral dental implants before travelling abroad. However, before learning 'How do full-mouth dental implants work?', let's examine the principles of dental implants.

How Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Work
How do dental implants work?

To understand how full-mouth dental implants work, we may need to answer the question 'How do dental implants work?'. Dental implants are titanium screws fixed to your jawbone by replacing your dental roots. Therefore, thanks to implant treatments, healthy artificial teeth that look natural replace your damaged and missing teeth. In addition, implants are very long-lasting as long as you pay attention to your oral care and are very useful in your daily activities such as nutrition and speech.

How do full mouth dental implants work?

We can apply full-mouth dental implants to help our patients gain oral health or a cosmetically beautiful smile. Or, we can prefer this treatment if our patients experience complete toothlessness. Treatment is done to restore the entire upper or lower arch of your teeth on a single bridge. Multiple dental implants can be used for support and thus the treatment can be applied to your entire mouth. During your treatment phase, implants are placed on your jawbone. With the subsequent waiting time, implants and your bone are targeted to fuse. We may use temporary teeth to prevent you from spending this time toothless. Then, we apply a second process that involves uncovering your new tooth surfaces and adding extensions. In the final stage, full bridges or full prostheses will be created and your small metal connections called 'abutment' will be added. This way you can rely on your smile, chewing and speaking skills again.

What are the advantages of full mouth dental implants?

With full-mouth dental implant treatments, you have teeth that are fixed and strong just like your natural teeth and cannot be removed unless we dentists intervene. By producing a fully permanent solution to your tooth losses, you can easily perform your daily routines such as nutrition and speech. When you think 'What are the advantages of full-mouth dental implants?', another factor that comes to mind is that full-mouth bridges that you will have after treatment will better protect your jawbone. Implants fuse with your jawbone over time and continue bone production in their regions.

However, implant treatments are at very high costs worldwide.

Even single dental implant costs can push budgets, while full mouth dental implant costs can be tens of thousands of pounds. Therefore, you may want to investigate the options of full oral implants abroad. Our dental clinic in Antalya performs your treatments with great sensitivity with its experienced specialist physician staff. In addition, implant treatments in dental clinics in Turkey are priced at rates up to 70% cheaper than in countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK. For this reason, it may be quite logical for you to prefer dental clinics in Turkey for full mouth implants abroad.

As Pekel Oral and Dental Health Clinic, we serve by combining our many years of experience with the energy from our amateur spirit. You can contact us when determining your treatment process and get information about many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit from during your trip as well as all your curiosities.

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