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Is There a Cheaper Alternative
to Dental implants

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Due to any health problems, your eating habits, an accident or negligence of your oral care, you can suffer from a tooth loss. In this case, we recommend you to get a dental implant treatment in accordance with today's conditions. Because dental implants are very useful compared to alternative solutions. After a dental implant treatment, you will have a natural appearance as well as a smile that can be designed specifically for you and the teeth that can fulfil their abilities efficiently. Dental implants do not damage your adjacent teeth in your mouth and do not cause problems such as slipping in the teeth. However, dental implants are very long-lasting.

Of course, it is an undeniable fact that dental implants are quite expensive compared to alternative dental treatments. Although we do not recommend alternative dental treatments in all cases, dentists sometimes tend to apply them instead of dental implants. Let's answer together the question 'Is there a cheaper alternative to dental implants'

You can get further information about the advantages of having implants abroad by taking a look at our other blog posts or you can contact our clinic and get your dental implants at our dental clinic in Antalya at a more affordable price than dental clinics in many European countries, especially in the UK and USA.

Removable partial and full prostheses

Removable partial prostheses are prostheses that are supported by your existing teeth in cases where you experience a tooth loss. These prostheses are mostly made of acrylic and reinforced with a chrome base. Partial prostheses are reasonably priced, but they are not as useful and durable as dental implants.

On the other hand, removable full prostheses are placed by putting a load on the part of your gums carrying your own teeth. Due to their size, they can cause discomfort while eating as they cover your palate and adversely affect your sense of taste. Another issue that reduces the eligibility of removable full prostheses is that they can move while talking or smiling. Of course we can use agents to prevent or minimize this movement, but this will be a temporary solution. However, removable full prostheses are considered as an alternative because they are both cost-effective and easier to apply compared to dental implants.

Fixed dental bridge with tooth support

Dental bridges are the most commonly used alternative to dental implants. The dental bridge replacing the missing tooth is supported by dental crowns on the healthy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. After the treatment, you can perform your nutritional activities very efficiently as if you were using your natural tooth. In addition, these dental bridges are not temporary and you cannot move or remove them.

However, we can say that dental implants are a much safer choice. For example, the bones surrounding the implant are stimulated just like your natural tooth. However, these bones undergo resorption over time in the tooth-supported bridge. This can cause a situation that affects both your oral health and cosmetically makes you uncomfortable. In addition, fixed dental bridges with tooth support are not as long-lasting as dental implants.

Resin-bonded dental bridge

Resin-bonded dental bridges are also known as Maryland Bridge. They have a similar characteristics with tooth-supported bridges. These dental bridges can be made of metal alloy and porcelain coating or ceramic such as zirconia. They are preferred more frequently than the removable prostheses mentioned above. However, they are not as durable as a fixed dental bridges. It is also worth mentioning that they are a more cost-effective alternative to tooth-supported fixed bridges. After your dental controls, our dentists may consult with you for your oral and dental health problems and prefer resin-bonded bridge application.

Gum treatments

Even if it is predicted that your teeth with problems will be lost in some cases, we can try to save your teeth with gum treatments. Even if there is bone loss in the painful tooth, this does not necessarily indicate that the tooth will be lost. With the treatments to be applied, we can try to create a cheaper alternative to dental implants for you. We can clean the infection around the gums in the problematic area and observe the progress of the disease with controls. In this way, a cheaper alternative solution compared to a dental implant is produced and your natural tooth is protected.

Do my toothaches go away on their own over time

When you ask yourself the question ‘Is there a cheaper alternative to dental implants’, you may think to put up with toothache for a while, leave the pain to pass and wait for it to heal in this way.

Tooth losses usually inevitably cause deformation of the jawbone. When you delay treatment of your toothache, this situation puts all your teeth at risk, not just the tooth you have problems with. It should not be forgotten that the treatment of patients who still have natural teeth can be easier than those with edentulous mouth. That is why, if you suffer from toothache, it would be more logical to produce permanent solutions instead of avoiding this situation.

You can contact us and ask any kind of questions about your dental treatments as well as make an appointment for your examinations and treatments at our dental clinic in Antalya.


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