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What is an Alternative
to Dental implants

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When it comes to dental treatments, dental clinics throughout Turkey and dentists all over the world agree that the dental implants are the best solution in the dental treatments. However, this thought could sometimes be misleading. For example, while the problem in your teeth can be solved with an alternative treatment method, your dentist may ignore more applicable and cheaper options with the general belief in the success of implants. It should not be forgotten that every patient is special. Patients should initiate treatment processes by following the information and directions of dentists about the treatment methods that can be applied. Let's try to answer the question ‘What is an alternative to dental implants’ in the following part of our article.

Full-mouth dental prostheses

As you know, prostheses are one of the widely used alternatives of dental implants. Full-mouth prostheses can be an alternative in situations where you lose all your teeth. However, it is worth mentioning that full-mouth prostheses may not be as useful as your natural teeth or dental implants.

Fixed dental prostheses

In cases where patients have tooth loss and considering ‘What is an alternative to dental implants’, fixed prostheses are among the prosthesis types which are frequently preferred by dentists. In this process, teeth that are lost or completely missing are replaced with materials that resemble natural teeth.

Removable dental prostheses

Removable prostheses are prostheses that can be attached and removed by patients. However, they can be considered impractical in some cases. Removable dental prostheses do not provide you with permanent, long-term solutions like dental implants.

Why are removable dental prostheses impractical

First of all, when we think 'what is the alternative to dental implants', removable dental prostheses may not be a very good option for you. They don't look like your natural teeth. Your ability to bite with them is low, it is also difficult to use them, involuntary movements may occur during chewing. In addition, it is difficult to clean them. They may cause the consequences such as food debris and plaque buildup on teeth. Since it covers the mucosa for a long time, undesirable conditions such as denture-related stomatitis may occur. This will affect your oral health.

Will I be able to get used to my prostheses

Even in successful applications, getting used to dental prostheses is a process that will take time. Especially in the first days, the situation may be odd, and situations such as increased saliva in the mouth may be observed. This situation will improve over time.

How do my prostheses affect my ability to speak

Prostheses can make it difficult to make some sounds during speech and thus adversely affect your pronunciation.

What is the life span of prostheses

Dental prostheses have a limited life span. After the prosthesis treatment, it is very important not to neglect your mouth and dental check-ups on the dates determined by us. The harmony of the prostheses with the tissue deteriorate over time. For this reason, dental prostheses are treated every five years under normal conditions. In this regard, you should follow the advice of our dentists and not neglect your dental care.

Root canal treatment

If root canal treatment is applied to the teeth if the decay in the teeth progresses to the pulp or due to infections arising in the root apex. Root canal treatment is an important treatment method to prevent tooth loss.

Dental bridges

If you do not want to have implants in place of your missing teeth, we can take advantage of the dental bridge option by using your adjacent teeth. Dental bridges are fixed and do not slide. In this way, they do not adversely affect your diet and form a strong alternative to dental implants with the success rate similar to dental implants.

What are the benefits of dental bridges

Dental bridges look natural and give you a beautiful smile. In this way, your face form also returns to its original state. In addition, they are also very useful in terms of strengthening your abilities to speak and eat naturally. When you take care of your oral and dental care, dental bridges are a preferable treatment because they can be used for many years.

How should the care of dental bridges be

In order to have a long-lasting dental bridges, it is very important for you to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day after your treatment, try to keep the area where your dental bridge tooth comes into contact with your natural teeth clean, visit us for follow-up checks without neglecting your routine dental care.


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