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What is the Cost of Implants
in a Faculty of Dentistry?

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Implants are one of the most important blessings offered by modern medical technologies in cases of tooth loss. We prefer implant treatments because of their care processes, applicability to almost every patient, natural appearance and longevity just like in your natural teeth. However, especially in the USA and Canada, as well as in the UK, Germany and other European countries, the prices of implant treatments are quite expensive. This situation leads the patients who need implant treatment to search for how to get this treatment more affordable. In a faculty of dentistry, the costs of dental implants may be more affordable for you. Even if it is not correct to give a net price, since the condition of each patient and the type of treatment to be applied may be different, it is possible to economize by getting implant treatment at a faculty of dentistry.

What is the Cost of Implants in a Faculty of Dentistry
Should I have a dental implant in a faculty of dentistry?

At this point, questions such as 'What is the cost of implants in a faculty of dentistry?' or “Could the implant treatment be received in these institutions?” will come to mind. Because the cost is the most important factor that takes you to a faculty of dentistry rather than a dental clinic. It is a customary situation for patients to be treated by dental students. The first aim at this point is for the students who are studying at the faculty of dentistry to experience the treatment process. Students gain experience by carrying out your implants under the supervision of their expert instructors, so you will be treated at lower costs. During this treatment, you can think of yourself as a patient as well as an individual who helps students gain experience.

Remember that the answer to the question 'Should I have a dental implant in a faculty of dentistry?' can also be shaped by the duration of the treatment. Your process is frequently photographed while you are receiving implant treatment in dentistry faculties in the USA and England. Depending on such factors, even if your treatment process is less expensive, it may be prolonged and you may not want to lose this time. In addition, there are different alternatives both you can save time by receiving treatment from specialist physicians and pay as advantageous prices as in dental faculties in your country.

Why my insurance does not cover the cost of dental implants?

Although insurance plans cover the costs of health treatments, they generally do not cover implant treatments. Insurance companies do not cover implant treatments by claiming that they are qualified as experimental treatments, even though dental implants have been used successfully in patients suffering from tooth loss for 50 years. In fact, the reason why they avoid these fees is the high costs of implant treatments, when it comes to the USA, UK and other European countries.

What should I do to receive successful implant treatments more affordable?

You can travel abroad to receive implant treatments in more affordable places than your country. Dental implant treatment in clinics based in Turkey are applied with high success rates thanks to the developed health infrastructure and specialist physician staff of the country. Besides, dental treatment in Turkey, is priced more affordable compared to the USA, UK, Canada and many European countries. Turkey is an important dental center for dental crown treatments, single dental implants and full mouth dental implants. In addition, Turkey is preferred more than alternative countries in health tourism and every year our country hosts many patients who aim to have a holiday while having dental implants. By contacting our dental clinic in Antalya, you can save a significant amount on your implant treatments and spend an unforgettable holiday during your treatment with the amount you will save.

In addition, dental treatments other than implant treatment are very affordable in dental clinics in our country. For example; you may also want to get the prices of coatings in Turkey.

As Pekel Dental Clinic, we provide service by combining our experience that we have gained over many years with the energy deriving from our amateur spirit. While determining your treatment process, you can contact us and get information about any matters concerning your treatment as well as many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit during your trip.


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