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What is the most affordable
price for dental implants

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Dental implants can be a saviour for you when you have a missing tooth problem or it is expected that you will have such a problem. Offering many advantages for patients, including more practical use, prevention of mental problems caused by tooth loss by restoring your natural smile, requiring no additional care above and beyond your oral hygiene routine and longevity, dental implants are preferred more often than other treatment methods. However, dental implants are more expensive than alternative treatments. In particular, a dental implant treatment in countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK can place a heavy strain on your budget. So, 'What is the cheapest price for dental implants' will probably be the first question that comes to mind. To be able to answer this question, let’s examine together the reasons why dental implants are so expensive.

What is the most affordable price for dental implants
How much do dental implants cost

In the USA, the price of a single dental implant goes up to 3,500 USD. The average price of a single-implant treatment in the UK is around 2,500 Pound. On the other hand, a full mouth implant treatment could reach an amount of up to tens of thousands of pounds. After your dental check-ups, your dentist will determine the most suitable treatment method for you. As you can see, the prices of dental implants are quite high and this causes some patients to avoid treatment, to try to find temporary solutions, to expose the already deteriorating oral and dental health to potential risks.

Why are dental implants so expensive

It is possible to say that dental implants are quite expensive, especially in the USA, Canada, Germany and England. This can be explained especially due to the fact that university education in these countries is more expensive compared to other countries in the world and office-related costs of clinics such as rents, taxes etc., where dental treatment is performed, as well as the average hourly wage of dentists are high.

Cost of these dental treatments is quite low in dental clinics in Turkey. In this regard, we are able to offer all dental treatments, including implant treatments, to our patients who will travel from abroad in our dental clinic in Antalya at much more affordable prices.

With its investments in the health sector, our country has surpassed its competitors in this field and has become a major player in 'dental tourism'. A treatment in our clinic enables you to save your money and experience our innovative treatment approach performed by our expert dentists who use state-of-the-art technology and have achieved a success rate of 99% in dental implant treatments. At the same time, having a treatment in a dental clinic in Antalya will enable you to have the chance to enjoy a perfect tourism destination during your treatment.

Can I get cheap dental implants without traveling abroad

As we mentioned earlier, dental implants are very expensive in most European countries, especially in the USA, Canada and Arab countries. This encourages many patients to go abroad in order to both have a much more affordable dental implant treatment and discover a new country in the meantime. In this regard, countries that have increased the percentage of success in dental treatments and have gained experience in dental treatments for many years by making large investments in this field are preferred more often by patients.

Of course, the question which immediately comes to mind is whether you can get cheap dental implants without traveling abroad. In some exceptional cases, you can have cheap dental implants in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, and Germany where dental implants are expensive. In this context it is worth noting that dental implants are usually not covered by your insurance. However, some charities in the countries mentioned above carry out activities in order to ensure that vulnerable persons such as veterans, disabled persons and pregnant women etc. can obtain a discount for their dental treatment or get a dental implant treatment free of charge. In addition, you can also take a look at loan options with favourable repayment terms and interest rates for your dental treatments. Considering the factors that determine the prices of dental implant treatments, you may also be interested in dental clinics that purchase the materials used cheaper and have lower rental costs because they are not situated in central locations.

However, please note that, in case of a long waiting period, dental diseases can get worse and the amounts to be paid for dental treatment may increase even more. In addition, since toothaches can significantly reduce your quality of life, they should not be neglected. Seeking to obtain cheap dental implants without traveling abroad can require quite long waiting and research process. Therefore, it is recommended that you research the treatment processes abroad. When you get a treatment in our dental clinic in Antalya, you can save a lot of money compared to a dental implant treatment in your country and, at the same time, discover a new country and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Where should I travel for affordable dental implants

We have mentioned above the reasons why dental implants are the most preferred method in dental treatments and the factors that determine dental implant costs. Now, let’s try to answer the question “Where should I travel for affordable dental implants”

If you are going to travel abroad for affordable dental implants, several alternatives are available for you. You can prefer the countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, the Czech Republic and Turkey. Patients residing in the USA may prefer the countries such as Costa Rica and Mexico due to the fact that they are close to the USA. On the other hand, patients residing in England usually prefer dental clinics in Turkey, taking into account the high percentage of success in dental treatments, the use of advanced dental technologies, the strong health infrastructure and impressive tourism resources in the country. In all these countries, you can have a more cost-efficient dental treatment compared to your country, however, the competence of dental clinics preferred by you has of course a decisive role in the success of your dental treatment. Located in Antalya, our clinic stands out with activities in this field, and treats many patients travelling from England for dental implant treatment every year.

As Pekel Dental Clinic, we provide service by combining our experience that we have gained over many years with the energy deriving from our amateur spirit. While determining your treatment process, you can contact us and get information about any matters concerning your treatment as well as many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit during your trip.

What is the most affordable price for dental implants?


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